2017 – ongoing

I was raised in an ordinary soviet panel building from the 1970s, in a residential area at the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine. My childhood passed in a surroundings of totalitarian, dystopian urban design of the soviet and post soviet era. Growing up in all that dehumanizing ugliness, I learned to find beauty in the smallest things, like the light of sun on the rotten walls, or the clouds of smoke coming out of bread factory chimney, which i could see out of my room window.

I'd been daydreaming a lot as a child, spending hours looking out the window, instead of practicing playing the piano, which I was supposed to do as a well brought up soviet girl. Probably, since then i’ve been drawn to the industrial and dystopian sceneries. In my mind they are forever connected with the daydreaming, symbolizing the only freedom one can have – a freedom of thought and imagination.